Below are some of the comments we've received from our customers. We appreciate your feedback! Please send your comments to feedback@DryBBQRub.com.

Wayne, I have had numerous hunters say that our ribs, pork loin, and beef rib eye are the best they have had anywhere, Thanks to your Butt-Rub!

-Ronnie Ruff (www.ruffoutfitters.com)

Wayne, I received my "Butt-Rub" yesterday and tried it out on some cubed venison that I cooked on the gas grill. It was sensational! Can't wait to try it on other items, especially ribs! Don't normally cook much Boston Butt, but I will make an exception to try your method. Thanks for making a good product.

- Lee Huszagh - Tallahassee, FL

I love your product. My brother-in-law and sister, who live in Moultrie, introduced us to your product. I use it all the time on several types of meat. Tonight, I grilled porkchops and used the end of my bottle. I call my mother since she lives in Georgia, since I live in FL, and asked her to please get with my sister on how I can purchase some more. While on the internet, I decide to see if I could find any on-line. I plan on ordering some for myself and purchasing some for my in-laws in Louisiana since I have talked so highly of this seasoning. Again, GREAT STUFF, please keep me on your mailing list.

-100% satisfied customer - Jacksonville FL

I wanted to let you know that skillet fried hamburgers which have been "floured" with the "Butt-Rub" are just marvelously delicious!! They are juicy and oh, so flavorful! I recommend your recipe for "Butt-Rub" for all cooks and chefs. Even "Butt-Rub" sprinkled on frozen chicken breasts and popped into a microwave for 20 minutes make a great tasting entree!

-Helen McPhail

Wayneo, Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your BBQ Rub. A Friend of mine Turned me on to your Rub the other day so I decided to try it for myself. I bought a couple of bottles the other day. Thinking it can't be any better than anything else that I Tried. I wasn't quiet sure about your Rub. So I decided to try something with my Family and Friends that I had over this past weekend. I used the Git-r-Done on one Butt and just the Regular Nature's Seasonings on the Other Not telling anyone which one was which. I put them out on the Picnic Table to see which one my Guest would Gravitate to. Well, needless to say The Git-R-Done Butt was done (GONE) a short time after setting it on the Table. The Other Butt which I have to admit was not quite as good is still in the Fridge as we speak. Wayneo, My Family and Friends Complimented me the Rest of the Day on that Butt. Some of the Wives were asking me to Give there Husbands Cooking Lessons. Can you imagine that? Wayneo thanks for coming to the Party. Git-R-Done will be an essential part to all of my Future Cookouts. Git-R-Done don't Start the Grill without it.

-Arthur Trey - Kingsland, GA

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